Monday, October 16, 2006

Just A Little Update

Can you believe it, Xander has started recognizing words all on his own now? We had pizza from Pizza Hut last night. He started looking at the ad that came with it. All the sudden out of nowhere he says the word deal and points the word on the ad. I didn't even realize it was there and I looked at the ad and sure enough that's what it said. The only thing I can think of where he picked it up was from Deal or No Deal (it's one of his favorite shows) He does it for other things too but that one just completely took me off guard.

Lucas is kind of feeling left out with the schooling. I've now taken to printing up extra coloring sheets for him so he thinks he's doing school too. Aiden is growing up too fast too. He's getting so big. He's rolling over and playing with the toys on his bouncy seat.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My LIFEPACs Finally Came

So last Friday Xander's school books finally came in the mail. He was so excited about it. He wanted me to start them right away. He was really bummed that he had to wait until Monday to use them. He's doing the Kindergarten books at the age of 3 and half. It's amazing to me how bright Xander is. I know that sounds kind of... egotistical like "Oh my kid is so smart?" It sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable when I say stuff like that. But really he is. The first semester of these books are all pretty much review for him. Okay I'm going to stop bragging on him now.

Anyways... we did a half day of school today because my husband was home. We went out shopping and did some fun stuff. We were going to go to the Zoo again... but it threatened to rain. We'll probably go again this weekend. It's a blessing to have a year pass for the Zoo because we can go when we want for how long we want. Xander and Lucas had so much fun the last time that we want to take them back before it gets too cold to go.

We especially want to go see the Kangaroos again. Our zoo has it set up so you can actually 'walk' with the Kangaroos. They can hop right accross the walk, while we were there one actually stopped on the walkway. Plus another one is expecting a joey. The zookeepers said they can see movement in the pouch and saw a foot. The zoo had a joey last year too. We saw it nursing the last time we went. The only part of it's body that fit in its mom's pouch was the head. The zoo also had a baby monkey. It was soo cute we saw the mother holding it. It was just adorable. The lions and tigers were really active too. We even heard them roar. The tigers were playing with each other and roaring. One of the tigers even played dead. See now just telling about it makes me want to go back. We had such a fun time!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Zoo Was Awesome!

So yesterday was our first fieldtrip of the school year! And we went to the zoo it was soooooo fun.

And I have pictures!

I have a ton of stuff to do right now... but I will go into more depth about our trip tommorow!