Friday, September 29, 2006

Yay it's Friday

Well we had another successful week! And my phonics and math program that I'll be using this year should be coming any day now. I can't wait for it to come! Is that weird? It's almost like Christmas.

Well today was a slower day for us. Mark had off again (he's working tommorow, which kind of stinks) and we had some running around to do. We did grocery shopping and went to window shop at Toys-R-Us. It was kind of a treat for Xander because he's gone the whole week without having a single accident. We figure he's totally potty trained now.

He did practice more of his printing today. I think it's his absolute favorite part of school. His A-C's are almost perfect. And he's added a few to his self taught letters like D,R,and W. He can now write his name all by himself.

I forgot to mention some of the art projects he's done this week. In our bible studies this week were were learning about Abraham so the theme was families. To go along with this theme we had every one in the family trace their hands (Xander did his, Lucas' and Aiden's.) And I had Xander tell me something he loved to do with each of his family members and I wrote them on each hand. These were what they were...

1. Daddy-'I love playing with Daddy all the time.'
2. Mommy-'I love doing school with Mommy.'
3. Xander-(something he likes doing by himself)'I love playing with my Leapster.'
4. Lucas-'I love to wrestle with Lucas'
5 Aiden-'I love to make Aiden smile.'

Then we cut out the hands and strung them together to make a little wall hanging.

We also made a family tree. Xander ripped up some green construction paper. I made a tree trunk and cut out some pictures of the family. We glued the tree trunk on a piece of background paper and then glued the ripped up pieces of paper to make them look like tree leaves. Then glued on our pictures. He had a lot of fun with them. If I think about it I'll post some pictures of them later.

He's also been drawing a lot. He's started to draw pictures of people now. He doesn't make stick people. He actually gives his people bodies and then stick legs. On his most recent picture he's even given the person eyes with puples and eyebrows. Talk about detail. I didn't even think a three year old could think about stuff like that.

Lucas and Aiden are doing good. Lucas was happy daddy was home and when we went to Toys-R-Us he didn't have to go in a cart. He was so proud that we let him walk around like Xander. I think Aiden is going through a little growth spurt, all he seems to be doing lately is eating and sleeping!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Blogger Sherri said...

I understand about the growing spurt! I always know when one of my three are going through one. Lucky for us they don't usually hit them at the same time. The extra sleep isn't a's keeping food in the pantry!!!

29 September, 2006  
Blogger Mama Teaching 2 said...

Oh the arts and crafts sound sooo sweet! I would love to see them. :)

02 October, 2006  

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