Monday, September 25, 2006

I think Xander is Perfectionist

Okay so whenever we practice is printing I have to make sure the pencil has a BIG eraser. Xander thinks that every line has to be straight, that the letters aren't too big or too small. They have to be perfect. Him practicing can take forever because everything has to be just right. Thank goodness he doesn't need me to sit there and watch him carefully or I'd never get anything done.

Anyways, today he learned about California. He's running around the house yelling Eureka like a mad man! I showed him a map of California and he looked at the US map and pointed it out right away "OH that's California!"

Lucas was being so cute while I was doing school with Xander. He was 'watching' Aiden. Which means he was just sitting there patting his stomach gently, giving him smiles and showing him toys. When Aiden fell asleep Lucas just looked at me and put his finger to his lips and said 'shhhh' While Aiden was up he was enjoying Lucas' attention greatly. He loves his brothers.


Blogger Mama Teaching 2 said...

Maybe your son could talk to my Eli. He hates writing. But the little one seems to enjoy it. :)

25 September, 2006  
Blogger Sam said...

Sam's a perfectionist too, with both writing and drawing...I feel your pain. For awhile it was heartbreaking to see him crying, crumpling, cutting up or hiding things that he thought weren't "perfect". Telling him "it was just fine" made things worse. Asking him what he didn't like about something he had done and then offering some guidance seemed to work much better. Another thing that helped was me modeling mistake making when we were drawing or writing together. I'd write something and then whine about it or tear my paper up and he'd say "Oh mom, don't worry, you can try again if you want. Would you like some help?". Very sweet!

The perfectionism seemed to peak at about 3.5 and has gotten better and less intense since then.

Best wishes!

Jenn (Stellaluna from JM homeschooling board)

25 September, 2006  

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