Sunday, September 24, 2006

First time doing this!

So I thought I'd make a blog so some of my family and friends could see how Xander was doing with his school work.

Two weeks ago we started school with him. He's only three but already working on a kindergarten level. I didn't want to start him until after we had moved (which will be in about a month or so when our lease is up) and I was still a little more used to having Aiden around. He had different ideas though. We did preschool stuff with him last school year and he decided that summer vacation had lasted long enough. He pulled out some of last years school supplies and promptly said to me... "Mommy, I'm doing school." So the next day I started shopping for curriculums and digging up stuff on-line for his age group.

We've now been doing school for a full two weeks. I haven't gotten my curriculum yet but I've managed to put together work packets for him from websites.

He's reviewing his Spanish, which he did forget some of because we took a little break after Aiden was born, but he's quickly remembering everything. I've decided to introduce a little geography for him. Nothing major... after all he's only 3. But he can point out Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas on a US map. We're also learning about animals. He knows that Alligators have 80 teeth and that Apes eat bugs. He knows all the sounds of the letters... (we're now going a step further, we're getting our phonics curriculum soon and we just bought him a bunch of phonics computer games.) He can write out A's and B's both capitals and small letters. He wants to write so much more. He's self taught himself C's, E's, N's, and X's. He can count up to 50. His favorite thing to do though is color in school. Mostly he has pictures pictures from his bible studies.

Lucas so wants to do school too. I have to remember to print up extra coloring pages so he can think he's doing school too. And he always is the one who gets to sit on my lap at story time. It must be hard for him sometimes being the middle one because I spend a lot of time with Xander for school and Aiden demands a lot of my time too. I try to set at least a half hour of Lucas and Mommy time each day.


Anonymous Ashley said...

This is so great especially since he is only three. He sounds so smart. I'm glad that homeschooling is an option for you and that it is going so well.

25 September, 2006  
Blogger Lisa said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you started a blog - I just love reading up on what all my online friends from JM (and other places, as well!) are doing. It's so great that he loves school so much!

25 September, 2006  
Blogger Mama Teaching 2 said...

What a smartie! :)

25 September, 2006  

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