Friday, November 03, 2006

I've Been So Bad

I haven't updated this in forever. I have an excuse though... I have Aiden to take care of and the other two keep me busy too!

Well here are some updates. Xander can now read some simple words using the letters, M, A, T, B, and R. He was so proud of this when he figured it out himself. You should've seen his eyes light up. When he showed his dad that he could read some words he looked at me and said Mommy lets do more letters. I want to read more!

We've finally finsished our Spanish review from last year, but I'm going to start going through the book with him again. Last year I only made him learn the words for things that were in the book. Now I think he's ready to take it one step further and do the entire book not just words for things like cat and dog.

His math is almost too easy for him. I've noticed he gets bored when he has to write down the numbers repeatedly just for practice so I've decided to cut that out of the lesson plans. He's already pretty good at writing them, so I'm not worried about stopping this practice.

I was so proud of him today though. I had to do something with the two younger kids and I gave him his two worksheets for math. There were several different sections on the page with different directions. Usually I tell him a direction for each section, well today I had to give him all the directions at once and he listtened to it pefectly!

Xander has all been writing short stories... here ar some of them...

A man broke Harry Potter's glasses.
Harry was mad.
The man picked up the glasses anf fixed them.
Then Harry was happy.
Then Harry Potter went dancing.
The End

A boy went to get a ball.
He threw the ball.
Then he threw the ball some more.
He threw the wall into some water, but the ball came out.
The boy threw it again.
He broke a window.
A guy picked up the ball and the boy fixed the window.
The End.

Harry Potter played with toys on a table.
Then he drank some tea with his Grandma.
He broke the tea cup.
Then he played with the broken tea cup.
He got into trouble.
He had to go time-out.
The End.

This one is my favorite.

A racoon ran to a rectangle.
Then he ran on a square, then a circle and then a triangle.
Then the racoon slept in the night with the radio on.
When the racoon woke up he ate a corndog.
The end.

He's on a Harry Potter kick if you can't tell. And he likes when things break.
He tells me the story and write it down. I just had to share them because I thought they were so cute.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Just A Little Update

Can you believe it, Xander has started recognizing words all on his own now? We had pizza from Pizza Hut last night. He started looking at the ad that came with it. All the sudden out of nowhere he says the word deal and points the word on the ad. I didn't even realize it was there and I looked at the ad and sure enough that's what it said. The only thing I can think of where he picked it up was from Deal or No Deal (it's one of his favorite shows) He does it for other things too but that one just completely took me off guard.

Lucas is kind of feeling left out with the schooling. I've now taken to printing up extra coloring sheets for him so he thinks he's doing school too. Aiden is growing up too fast too. He's getting so big. He's rolling over and playing with the toys on his bouncy seat.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My LIFEPACs Finally Came

So last Friday Xander's school books finally came in the mail. He was so excited about it. He wanted me to start them right away. He was really bummed that he had to wait until Monday to use them. He's doing the Kindergarten books at the age of 3 and half. It's amazing to me how bright Xander is. I know that sounds kind of... egotistical like "Oh my kid is so smart?" It sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable when I say stuff like that. But really he is. The first semester of these books are all pretty much review for him. Okay I'm going to stop bragging on him now.

Anyways... we did a half day of school today because my husband was home. We went out shopping and did some fun stuff. We were going to go to the Zoo again... but it threatened to rain. We'll probably go again this weekend. It's a blessing to have a year pass for the Zoo because we can go when we want for how long we want. Xander and Lucas had so much fun the last time that we want to take them back before it gets too cold to go.

We especially want to go see the Kangaroos again. Our zoo has it set up so you can actually 'walk' with the Kangaroos. They can hop right accross the walk, while we were there one actually stopped on the walkway. Plus another one is expecting a joey. The zookeepers said they can see movement in the pouch and saw a foot. The zoo had a joey last year too. We saw it nursing the last time we went. The only part of it's body that fit in its mom's pouch was the head. The zoo also had a baby monkey. It was soo cute we saw the mother holding it. It was just adorable. The lions and tigers were really active too. We even heard them roar. The tigers were playing with each other and roaring. One of the tigers even played dead. See now just telling about it makes me want to go back. We had such a fun time!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Zoo Was Awesome!

So yesterday was our first fieldtrip of the school year! And we went to the zoo it was soooooo fun.

And I have pictures!

I have a ton of stuff to do right now... but I will go into more depth about our trip tommorow!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Yay it's Friday

Well we had another successful week! And my phonics and math program that I'll be using this year should be coming any day now. I can't wait for it to come! Is that weird? It's almost like Christmas.

Well today was a slower day for us. Mark had off again (he's working tommorow, which kind of stinks) and we had some running around to do. We did grocery shopping and went to window shop at Toys-R-Us. It was kind of a treat for Xander because he's gone the whole week without having a single accident. We figure he's totally potty trained now.

He did practice more of his printing today. I think it's his absolute favorite part of school. His A-C's are almost perfect. And he's added a few to his self taught letters like D,R,and W. He can now write his name all by himself.

I forgot to mention some of the art projects he's done this week. In our bible studies this week were were learning about Abraham so the theme was families. To go along with this theme we had every one in the family trace their hands (Xander did his, Lucas' and Aiden's.) And I had Xander tell me something he loved to do with each of his family members and I wrote them on each hand. These were what they were...

1. Daddy-'I love playing with Daddy all the time.'
2. Mommy-'I love doing school with Mommy.'
3. Xander-(something he likes doing by himself)'I love playing with my Leapster.'
4. Lucas-'I love to wrestle with Lucas'
5 Aiden-'I love to make Aiden smile.'

Then we cut out the hands and strung them together to make a little wall hanging.

We also made a family tree. Xander ripped up some green construction paper. I made a tree trunk and cut out some pictures of the family. We glued the tree trunk on a piece of background paper and then glued the ripped up pieces of paper to make them look like tree leaves. Then glued on our pictures. He had a lot of fun with them. If I think about it I'll post some pictures of them later.

He's also been drawing a lot. He's started to draw pictures of people now. He doesn't make stick people. He actually gives his people bodies and then stick legs. On his most recent picture he's even given the person eyes with puples and eyebrows. Talk about detail. I didn't even think a three year old could think about stuff like that.

Lucas and Aiden are doing good. Lucas was happy daddy was home and when we went to Toys-R-Us he didn't have to go in a cart. He was so proud that we let him walk around like Xander. I think Aiden is going through a little growth spurt, all he seems to be doing lately is eating and sleeping!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Hate When My Husband Is Home

Okay so I don't really mean that. I love it when he's home. He just happened to have today off of work. And let's just say if school takes 2 and half hours normally it takes five if he's home. Even if he's not doing anything to disturb Xander... Xander is distracted by the fact that Daddy's home and he has to show off for him. After each coloring page he did he had to show daddy. He had to make sure Daddy was listening to him review his Spanish words. And so on and so on and so on.

Today he learned about Colorado. I know none of what I'm teaching him sticks but he loves being able to point out the states on a map of the US. He can pick out all of the ones he learned so far.

Next week my mom's going to visit us. So the work week will be cut to three days. I can't wait for my mom to see how much the boys have grown. Hopefully we'll be able to go to the zoo or the Detroit Science Center. It'll be our first field trip! I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I think Xander is Perfectionist

Okay so whenever we practice is printing I have to make sure the pencil has a BIG eraser. Xander thinks that every line has to be straight, that the letters aren't too big or too small. They have to be perfect. Him practicing can take forever because everything has to be just right. Thank goodness he doesn't need me to sit there and watch him carefully or I'd never get anything done.

Anyways, today he learned about California. He's running around the house yelling Eureka like a mad man! I showed him a map of California and he looked at the US map and pointed it out right away "OH that's California!"

Lucas was being so cute while I was doing school with Xander. He was 'watching' Aiden. Which means he was just sitting there patting his stomach gently, giving him smiles and showing him toys. When Aiden fell asleep Lucas just looked at me and put his finger to his lips and said 'shhhh' While Aiden was up he was enjoying Lucas' attention greatly. He loves his brothers.